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Iced Tea Season is Here!

Posted by Sarah Hamilton on
All our teas can be brewed as Iced Teas, not just our Refresh Iced Teas. Today we brewed our Jasmine Scented Green Tea Pearls.  We loaded 4 cut open pyramid sachets into our pitcher infuser and prepared 170° water.  We brewed the tea with the pitcher filled about half way for 15 minutes.  To the brew we added a couple tablespoons of Raspberry Simple Syrup (see below for the recipe).  Once the tea is brewed, we pulled out the infuser and added ice to fill the pitcher.  Enjoy!

Make Tea One of your Healthy Habits

Posted by Sarah Hamilton on

Most Important Find Teas You Love.

Teas have lots of different flavors, and as you try different teas, you will undoubtedly find flavors you love more than others. Our sample packs are great ways to try something new. And don't be afraid to add milk, sweeteners, or lemon to make your favorite cup taste the best.