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Your tea purchase in March supports Winter Grooming with SWMMBA

Posted by Sarah Hamilton on
Your tea purchase in March supports Winter Grooming with SWMMBA
We're excited to announce that we are donating 10% of our tea proceeds to our local mountain bike association, SWMMBA (Southwest Montana Mountain Bike Association), for the month of March to support their efforts for winter grooming.  And we'll guarantee at least a $100 donation to SWMMBA's snowmobile fund.
SWMMBA is near and dear to our hearts at Mile Creek for many reasons, one of which their effort to groom winter trails at Glen Lake Park in Bozeman and the Moser trail system in Hyalite Canyon. SWMMBA grooms these trails for all users including fat bikers, skiers, walkers, and anyone else who wants to get out this winter. Our donation will be directed to help SWMMBA purchase a new snowmobile to support winter grooming.  You can learn more about SWMMBA and how to support them here:
Brandon, along with a group of volunteers, loves to spend his evenings grooming trails and sometimes even making groomers.  And when he's out on the trails, he often brings a thermos of his favorite tea to stay warm and hydrated.
So buy some Mile Creek Tea this month and know that 10% of your purchase will go to helping groom multi-use winter trails in and around Bozeman.  

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