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Van Life = Freedom

Posted by Brandon Campisi on
Van Life = Freedom

So you want to be a rock star.  I can’t help you with that but I can tell you how you can save 15% on your car insurance.  In all seriousness, I want to talk about the work-adventure life balance and how we play the game of life.  Sarah and I both have full time jobs which have us working 40+ hour weeks Monday thru Friday. Weekends are our time to explore, ride, adventure, and decompress.  

Spring through Fall are our typical adventure months where we spend the most time away from home.  Thursday night is our packing night where we prep our clothing, gear, and stock the van for a weekend away.  This allows us to get home from work on Friday with minimal work to be done to get on the road.

Our weekend destinations can be a couple hours or eight hours away.  These adventures can lead us to new places, find ourselves returning to our favorite places, or enjoying the company of friends at their home.  The beauty of it is we have Freddie which allows us to roll up and sleep wherever we want. 

Being self contained in the van is a luxury we didn’t know we were missing in our lives.  Taking naps on a 6” memory foam mattress or sleeping in until 9am is amazing. Freddie has become our home away from home on wheels.  We find the time to explore, adventure, and relax in the van has a restorative power which makes it that much more difficult to end the weekend.  Had we known a vehicle would change our lives the way it has we would have found a way to do it sooner. The past 3 years of van ownership has been amazing and we can’t wait to continue to share these adventures with you through our blogs, videos, and social media.

Feel free to leave a comment, ask questions, or share your adventures with us.

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  • Susan Quindara on

    Looking forward to watching your adventures!

  • Margaret Jenkins on

    Would love to see more pics of how you’ve set up the van to be self contained.

  • Bev Campisi on

    Knowing Freddie was customized just for you and Sarah, but guessing others would like your suggestions on converting the van to a great living space. I know it was a process which resulted in some adaptations so that would be helpful info to hopeful future vanners.

  • Hawke on

    Ever take it off any sweet jumps…?

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