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Sometimes, getting to the trailhead can be the hardest part.

Posted by Sarah Hamilton on
Sometimes, getting to the trailhead can be the hardest part.

To us, Mile Creek is not only a physical place but also our company.

Getting to Mile Creek's trailhead isn't hard.  This summer, we have been there at least four times.  I still haven't picked my favorite visit:  was it spending the day clearing the trail of avalanche debris? A night of Comet watching? Or was my favorite, just camping, riding, and connecting with friends we haven't seen in months over a campfire?  

But fulfilling our company's mission, "To inspire the outdoor adventurer in everyone," has been more difficult.  Since we launched Mile Creek a year ago, we have established a website and a YouTube channel.  We have made a handful of videos.  We lost hours of video recorded that we intended to use to create a short film about the Fat Pursuit.  We spent hours thinking, planning, second-guessing all our plans to fulfill that mission. But nothing has stuck, until now.  

I am excited and nervous to announce that we have reached the trailhead. In the next few weeks, we will be launching a small product line.  And we can't wait to share more about what's coming for Mile Creek.

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