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Our Mission: To Inspire the Outdoor Adventurer in Everyone

Posted by Sarah Hamilton on
Our Mission: To Inspire the Outdoor Adventurer in Everyone
Oofta, that mission feels like a lot of responsibility. But we are going to give it a go.
Right now Mile Creek is just Brandon and Sarah. We’re a married couple who loves getting outside and exploring the world around us. We love to mountain bike, fat bike, hike, travel, ski and snowboard, nap, star gaze, fish and generally be outside. Our home base is in Bozeman, Montana. We venture out of Bozeman on most weekends with our dog, Siena, and in our 2004 Freightliner Sprinter Van we’ve named Freddie.
Brandon worked in the bike industry for many years in both independent bike shops and then for a major bicycle part distributor. He is still passionate about biking - primarily mountain biking (please do not ask him to go on a gravel ride unless you are prepared for a no) - and is currently a board member on our local mountain bike advocacy group, Southwest Montana Mountain Bike Association (SWMMBA). He loves building trails, promoting mountain biking and trails and mostly getting out and riding. His current main gig is working for a local business that specializes in architectural metals and fabrication.
I (Sarah, here) have worked in lots of fields, including the outdoor industry on the retail side, manufacturing side and design side. I love getting outside in many manner whether that’s on a bike, in or on the water, on skis or just on my feet. While growing up in New Hampshire, I learned that being outside makes me happy which was good because Mom told us to go outside a lot. I love to kayak, mountain bike, ski, fat bike, and dip my toes in streams and rivers. My primary gig is working as the product developer for a local business that makes dog toys.
We started Mile Creek as a creative outlet to share the amazing places we go and love with others. We believe that adventures come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Sure there are big epic adventures that test your mettle, strength and stamina - and we love big epic adventures, don’t get us wrong. But we also believe that adventure can be just where you find it - whether that’s a walk in the woods or an evening mountain bike ride or exploring your local swimming hole. We like to think that adventure is a state of mind that encourages you to explore your world and find its beauty.
Our name comes from a real place in Montana - Mile Creek. It’s a beautiful creek flowing out of the western side of the Lionhead area in South West Montana. The Mile Creek Trail is part of the Continental Divide Trail and is equal parts drop dead gorgeous and strenuous. We named this company and this channel Mile Creek because we are inspired by the Lionhead area to get outside.
What are we going to do? We’re not quite sure. For now, we are going to focus on sharing our adventures. And we’ve got lots to learn about making videos, taking photos and telling stories that you want to listen to. Along the way, we’ll figure out if we want to offer anything, but for now, we’re going to learn how to tell stories. Join us - we would love to have you join us on our adventure. And we hope that we can inspire everyone to find their outdoor adventurer.

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