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Making Tea Easy

Posted by Sarah Hamilton on
Making Tea Easy

Making tea at home is easy.  Put on the kettle with some water, pull down your favorite mug, and pick today's tea.  But on the road or out on the trail, making tea can be a bit more difficult.  I find that difficulty revolves mostly around getting the water hot.  I always seem to ask myself whether bringing a stove, pot and extra water for tea is really worth it on a short trip or when we are not traveling in our van.  So I've developed a few tricks to make tea on the trail easy.

First the equipment:

A quality thermos is essential.  That way, when you are packing for the day, you simply add making hot water and putting into your thermos as part of the morning.  We have several but our new favorite is the Stanley Classic Clean Water Bottle 25 ounce.  This tall thermos keeps drinks hot or cold, has a large opening for cleaning and a small one for drinking.  We fill it with hot water before we leave for our adventure and then we have it for brewing tea later in the day.

Your favorite mug is just as important.  We love putting hot drinks (or cold ones) in insulated mugs that we doll up with our Mile Creek Stickers.  Right now, we've got two favorites. 

  • First up is the Yeti Rambler 20 ounce with the magslider lid.  It fits into cup holders and the lid is ingenious - the magnetic slider lid prevents spills when it's closed, opens easily and pops off when you are home and cleaning the lid.
  • Second is our Hydroflask 16 ounce coffee mug.  Even though they call it a Coffe Mug, it still works great for tea.  It's got a flip top lid that is secure enough it doesn't leak even when tossed into a bag full and it keeps water hot for 12 hours.

And then there is the tea.  Of course you need to bring your favorite tea.  On the trail, we love our Orange Rooibos with Spearmint and our Sencha Green Tea with Turmeric.

Go Ahead and Brew on the Trail:

Once we are on the trail, we'll just brew our favorite tea with the hot water from the thermos.  Generally we just leave the tea bag in the mug until we get home so we don't have extra waste on the trail. Our tea bags are compostable, but we still practice leave no trace on the trail, so all our waste comes back to be disposed of off trail.


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