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Make Tea One of your Healthy Habits

Posted by Sarah Hamilton on
Make Tea One of your Healthy Habits

There are lots of great reasons to drink tea, but how does one make it a habit? We've got some simple teas to help you make Tea a Healthy Habit in your life:

Make Tea part of your morning routine.

Brew a cup in the morning to get your day started. Need a jolt of caffeine to get going in the morning? Try Matcha. Matcha can be an acquired taste so don't hesitate to make a Matcha Latte or Matcha Smoothie. 

Make a pitcher of iced tea to have on hand.

Iced tea is a great hydrating drink because a flavored drink you love will encourage you to drink more. Try cold brewing our Black Iced Tea with Watermelon by popping a tea packet into a pitcher, fill with water and refrigerate overnight.

Make it easy to make tea every day. 

A Tea lover's tea station

  • Set up a tea station for your teas. Make sure that your favorite cups, sweeteners, and kettles are easy to access.
  • For hot teas, choose a cup or mug that has a comfortable handle. Cups tend to get very hot, and it's more comfortable to hold a handle than the mug.
  • Try an electric kettle - they heat water quickly and efficiently.

Bring Tea Along during your Day

Headed out to ski today?  Fill a thermos with your favorite tea and some honey to keep you warm and hydrated.  We've learned that a thermos will keep tea warm for hours even on a cold Montana winter's day.

Ice Skating on Quake lake with Mile Creek Tea

Use tea as part of your evening wind down.

We offer caffeine-free herbals blends that are great for late in the day. And you can incorporate a cup of tea to complement your meditation or journaling practice.

Most important, find teas you love and make them taste great.

Sencha Green Tea the way you love it

Teas have lots of different flavors, and as you try different teas, you will undoubtedly find flavors you love more than others. Our sample packs are great ways to try something new. And don't be afraid to add milk, sweeteners, or lemon to make your favorite cup taste the best.

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