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Looking for Adventure as the Snow Begins to Fly

Posted by Sarah Hamilton on
Looking for Adventure as the Snow Begins to Fly

Shoulder season has arrived. I love fall - it’s the best time to grab every last mountain bike ride, a few hikes, and perhaps, another road trip. But it feels like winter has arrived early to Montana as we’ve already had two snowstorms. The snow doesn’t stick around for very long, but it has me wondering, how many more rides on dirt will I have before winter takes over? Can we take a road trip to Glacier before winter shuts it down?

Traveling took me back to New Hampshire
I am also really busy with my day job. I have been traveling for work or family each week for the past four weeks, and this week is no different. I am currently on a plane headed to Boulder, Colorado, for a conference. It makes me wonder, where am I going to find an adventure today, this week and this month?

Flat Irons in Boulder, Colorado

I have been thinking about a bigger adventure - an adventure that would stretch me. So I’ve decided to ride the Fat Pursuit in January. Fat Pursuit is a fat bike event run by our friend, Jay Petervary. This year, Fat Pursuit is happening on the weekend of January 10, and there are three event distances - 60k, 200K, and 200 miles. I’ve volunteered in the past for the event, and Brandon has ridden the 60K distance three times.

Jay P's Fat Pursuit

Now 60 k doesn’t seem like that long of a ride - it’s only 36 miles, but it’s scheduled in January, on snow, in Island Park, Idaho. If the conditions are fast, the top riders can do the course in around 3 hours. One year, Brandon finished the event in just over 3 hours, but during one slow and bitterly cold event, he finished in 11 hours. The course can go from fast and comfortable to slow and miserable in Island Park in the blink of an eye, so preparation for all conditions is critical for my success. And while I ride regularly, I know that without training, I will not be able to complete the Fat Pursuit.

My goals with training are several: to build up my endurance so that I can ride for 10 hours straight, build strength in my core, arms, and legs, and increase my speed (so that I won’t have to ride for 10 hours). I’ll provide updates each week via this blog and midweek videos. I hope you join me in the adventure of preparing for an adventure.

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