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How we choose our teas

Posted by Sarah Hamilton on
How we choose our teas

Green Tea, Ooolong, Black Teas, Matcha... there is a lot in the world to choose from, so how did we land on our tea selection?

First, we focused on choosing teas that taste amazing and help us fuel our adventures.  When you look at our selection, you will see we are heavy on Green teas - that's because both Brandon and I love green tea.  But we are open to other teas and spent weeks tasting teas and narrowing down our selection to teas we loved.

Second, our mission is to Inspire the Outdoor Adventurer in Everyone. And we believe that tea can help fuel your adventure - whether that's a days long epic trek in the mountains, a mountain bike ride on your favorite trails or sitting by the campfire and connecting with your friends - by providing a warm (or cold) healthy drink that fuels, refreshes and connects.

Third, as a small business just starting, we realized that sourcing our own teas right off the bat wasn't feasible for us.  So we looked for a reliable partner who has deep experience and expertise to help us source teas.  Our goal will be to source and mix our own teas one day.

Finally, we are focusing on being as sustainable as possible. You'll notice our teas are not certified organic, but our tea suppliers typically farm and process their teas with organic principles but haven't yet achieved certification. By purchasing from tea farmers who are transitioning to organic, we are supporting moving more tea suppliers to organic standards.  Our tea sachets are biodegradable and home compostable.  Plus we use as much recycled packaging as possible - that's why you might see a package from us come to you that has different branding. 

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