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Brandon Discovers his Love of Tea

Posted by Brandon Campisi on
Brandon Discovers his Love of Tea

Most of you have a daily or weekly habit of drinking coffee, tea, soda or something stronger.  I, on the other hand, don't drink much of anything.  Ever.  My go-to beverage is water and I usually don’t drink enough to hydrate myself on a daily basis.  

In the past, my experience with tea would be a Chai latte once a year when a meeting was held at a coffee shop, but otherwise I was green when it came to tea.  If you don’t know, most Chai lattes at the coffee shop are a premix container with tons of sugar and not a drop of fresh brewed tea.

As a new tea drinker I have found most teas taste weak.  Though I can taste the flavors of the tea there isn’t enough flavor for me to want to finish the cup.  To remedy this I will add a 1/4 teaspoon of sugar, good squeeze of honey, or nice splash of simple syrup which transforms the cup of tea.  Flavors become more distinguishable, brighter and I feel like I’m able to connect with the drink in my hands.  

When trying new teas I first smell the dry tea prior to brewing to get a sense of the flavors.  Once the tea has brewed and is ready to drink I continue to smell it.  I have a very keen sense of smell and often can tell if I will like the tea or not by the smell.  I take my first sip of a new tea like I’m told you should sip wine, whiskey, etc.  I sip with my mouth open and breathe in through my nose.  Sometimes I will do this a few times to better understand the flavors of the tea.  The experience is completely different than just taking a swig and swallowing it.  I encourage you to try this when trying any new beverage.

Mile Creek's Black Tea Chai

So what is my favorite tea?  It turns out I enjoy Chai the most.  There is something about the flavors and creaminess of a Chai that works for me.  Creating a latte with our Mile Creek Chai and Rooibos Chai is my go to.  I would encourage you to try both as they each present a flavor profile that is different and vibrant.    

We have recently added sample packs to the website for you to experience the different flavors we offer from around the world.  If you have questions about any of our products please contact us at so we can help you find flavors that you will enjoy.

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